A Chance For Tomorrow

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Every measure in this song has 4 beats, except measure 49. This is a special measure because it has it’s own time signature which is 2/4. That means, there are 2 beats in the measure, and a quarter note gets one beat. Notice how it goes back to 4/4 in measure 50, which is the most common type of time signature.

You can use the sustain pedal for most of this song, except for places with staccato notes like at measure 38. You want staccato notes to be short and detached and it’s hard to do that when the sustain pedal makes everything sound smooth.

Measure 17-18 is the one of the most complex spots. Practice each hand separately and then put them together at a slow tempo. Also, since there are some left hand staccato notes, don’t use the sustain pedal during these two measures.