It’s Never Too Late

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Pay special attention to the left hand in measure 21-24. These measures are repeated a lot throughout the song, so figure out the easiest way to play it, and then play it that same way every time. There are no “correct” fingers to use, but you will learn it much faster if you play it with the same fingers every time.

For most of this song, you should reset the sustain pedal every measure. The one exception to this is the section starting at measure 73. For this section, reset the sustain pedal whenever you think it sounds best. If you reset it too often it won’t sound full, but it you hold it down for too long, than too many notes will clash together.

There are also some subtle things you can do with dynamics (volume) and tempo (speed) to make this song more interesting. Watch the video and see if you can pick up on where it slows down a little, and which sections are loud or soft.