Chasing The Forest

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The first place to watch out for is the right hand in measure 20-21. The best way to play this is by using your second finger (pointer finger) for the F# and then 3-4-5, so that your pinky lands on the first C in measure 21. So, if you’re going to use your second finger to play F#, that means you’re going to have to play the note before (A) with your thumb. When you stretch from A with your thumb to the F# with your pointer finger, the rest of the passage will fall into place.

Measures 29-48 are the exact same as measures 9-28. The only thing that has changed is the rhythm in the left hand. Also, at measure 73, it’s the same thing you’ve been playing the whole song just up one octave.

If you have a hard time playing octaves with your left hand in measures 65-90, you can make it easier by only playing the lower notes of the left hand and leaving out the higher octave.