Castles In the Sky

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I wrote this song a few years ago but never finished it. The intro/outro is brand new and I also changed a few of the rhythms around.

This song is swung. That means the eighth notes are not played evenly. Instead, when you play a pair of eighth notes, the first note will be longer and the second note will be shorter. It can be confusing if you’ve never done it before, and this song is extra challenging because it’s fast. If you’re having trouble with the rhythm, watch the video several times to get a feel for it.

Measures 31-32 is a little tricky for the left hand. Your LH thumb holds down the top note A while your other two fingers keep going down.

You’ve got to be really exact with your rhythms in this song. For example, the left hand in measure 33 plays D-F#-A right before the down beat of measure 34. If you’re off just a little bit, the song won’t have that pop feel to it.