Shine, Shine, Shine

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I started writing this song a few weeks ago, but I was having a really hard time making it work. I left it for awhile, and when I came back to it again, everything just clicked.

The left hand intro repeats a lot in this song so make sure you learn it correctly the first time. Also, watch out for measure 28 and measure 31 because they’re kind of difficult.

You only play two notes on the first beat of measure 22, E and G. The C’s are tied over from measure 21, so you continue to hold them, but you don’t actually press them down again.

You should use the sustain pedal for measures 23-30. Reset the sustain pedal every 2 beats. Also use the sustain pedal in measures 65-80 reseting it every 8 beats (or every 2 measures).