Red Eye

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This song has one sharp in the key signature. That means we need to change every F into an F#. You won’t see a big sharp sign in front of every F note, you just have to remember.

Measures 45-52 use a left hand pattern that repeats over and over. The pattern itself isn’t too hard. The hard part is switching quickly between chords. You don’t want it to sound like there’s a “hiccup” in your left hand every time you have to switch to a new chord.

I wrote in the recommended fingering for measure 55, and it will be the same for measure 59. If you don’t how finger numbers work, look at this lesson.

Use the sustain pedal for most of this song. You’ll want to reset it every measure, except in those few spots where the chord changes in the middle of the measure. (ex. measure 20)