Get Up And Dance

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I did something with this song that I’ve never done before. I start the song slowly and then get a little faster, and then a little faster, until the song really takes off. It actually makes it easier to learn because you learn the majority of the song at a slow speed and then just increase the tempo of the material you already know.

Look at the right hand in measure 45. There are two D#’s in a row, but only the first note has a big sharp symbol in front of it. That’s because accidentals (sharps and flats) continue through the measure. If you like at the right hand if 46, that D# also has a sharp symbol in front of it because it’s a new measure.

Don’t be intimidated by measures 57-72. It’s the exact same thing played over and over again. To practice this section, just loop measures 57 and 58. Play these two measures over and over at a very slow speed. Once you can play it ten times in a row without making a mistake, try moving the right hand up one octave.