All The King’s Men

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This song has one sharp in the key signature. That means we need to change every F into an F#. You won’t see a big sharp sign in front of every F note, you just have to remember.

The right hand rhythm in measures 9-16 is a little complicated. If you’re having problems counting it, just listen to the video until you feel like you know it.

Measure 33 is the hardest spot in this song. The hand coordination is difficult here. The left hand is exactly like measure 31. It’s the right hand that’s going to take some work. Slow the right hand way down. After you’ve played it ten times without a mistake, add the left hand slowly.

For most of this song, you should reset the sustain pedal every two beats. You might want to leave the sustain pedal out for measures 9-16. Try it both ways and decide what you think sounds best.