I Just Can’t Learn

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Try to be very exact with your timing in this song, especially at places like measure 1 where you have those short, punchy notes. The sustain only needs to be used in certain spots like the chorus sections (ex. measure 25) and the bridge (measure 65). The other sections sound better without the sustain pedal.

The section starting at measure 25 is the hardest. Take a look at that right hand part. The top of the right hand part is the melody and only uses the notes E, D, and C. The lower notes of this right hand part are the supporting chords and you play them in a quarter note rhythm. If you’re having trouble with the measure 25 section, you can just play the top notes and it will still sound good.

This song is a little more challenging. Remember, you don’t have to play every note to play it “correctly”. Just play something close that sounds good to you.