Don’t Forget To Smile

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This song has one sharp in the key signature. That means we need to change every F into an F#. You won’t see a big sharp sign in front of every F note, you just have to remember.

In measure 26, make sure you play the C in the left hand part. You might miss this note if you weren’t paying close attention, and I think it really adds to the chord progression.

Measures 69-84 is the exact same music as earlier in the song, but everything has been moved up one octave. Notice how the left hand changes to treble clef at measure 69. Treble clef is usually the clef for the right hand, so just pretend you’re playing two right hand parts. It also helps that it’s the same music as before, just higher.

Other than that, the song is pretty straightforward. Use the sustain pedal throughout, and reset it about every measure or so.