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This song has one flat in the key signature. That means we need to change every B into an B-flat. You won’t see a big flat sign in front of every B note, you just have to remember.

The song does not begin with a full measure. Instead, you see two “pickup” notes. I could have put a full measure there, but since there are only two short notes before measure 2, it is common practice in music to only put the pickup notes. Otherwise you would have to write in rests and would have a couple beats of silence.

Measures 18-22 is less complicated than you might think. The right hand plays simple quarter notes on the beat, and the left hand “fills in” by playing lots of notes off the beat. You end up just alternating between your right hand and left hand. The same thing happens at measures 32-36, but there it’s 16th notes instead of 8th notes, so it’s just faster.

Look at the left hand in measures 48-51. It’s written way above the staff with lots of ledger lines. It’s not too common to write notes way above the staff like that, but it does happen from time to time. Thankfully, I’ve written the note names inside the notes to help you play the correct piano keys.