Ballerina Music Box

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This song is more “classical” than most of my other songs. It’s also more challenging than most. The beginning is simple and it becomes progressively more complex. My good friend Charles Webb helped with the arrangement.

This song has one flat in the key signature at the beginning. That means we need to change every B into a B-flat, unless a note is specifically marked as natural. Then, at measure 34, it changes to two flats, so you have to change B to B-flat and also E to E-flat. At measure 42 it goes back to just one flat for the B’s.

Measures 34-41 have a lot of fast notes in the right hand. Practice this hand by itself at a very slow tempo. Measures 42-57 are quite difficult. Again, don’t be in a hurry. Slow it way down and try to figure out how the hands are supposed to work together. Use the sustain pedal to help make this section smooth.

Again, I don’t write a lot of “classical” songs, but sometimes I throw one in just to mix it up.