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To make this song easier to play, you need to use a technique called a finger slide. Players use this technique to slide from a black piano key to a white piano key using the same finger. For example, look at the right hand in measure 2. You play the E-flat with your 2nd finger and the G with your 4th finger. The 4th finger holds the G while the 2nd finger slides directly from the E-flat to the E-natural.

Don’t be intimidated by measures 10-21. It may seem fast, but it’s really quite repetitive. In fact, it’s the same pattern repeated over and over. Just focus on playing measures 10-13. That’s it. Play those 4 measures again and again. The rest of this fast section is very similar, it’s just a little bit higher on the keyboard.

As always, one of the best things you can do is slow the song way down and practice each hand by itself. Then, put the hands together at a very slow tempo.