Fine By Me

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This song is swung, so the eight notes are not played evenly. For the intro, the right hand just has bouncy quarter note chords, but notice how the left hand jumps the beat. The left hand is syncopated for the intro with most of the notes being played on the weak beat.

Measures 5-10 is very chromatic with lots of accidentals and an ascending bass line. There’s one sharp in the key signature, and you need to pay special attention to how the accidentals change throughout the measures.

Measures 10-12 is one of the harder spots in this song, especially the right hand. This part is repeated again, although slightly different, in measures 18-20. Try learning just the right hand part first and then add the left hand later.

Measures 21-28 are a little easier, and you might want to play this section slightly louder just to add some contrast.