Hit Or Miss

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Click here for the sheet music

Just one sharp in the key signature. However, there are a lot of accidentals so pay attention to whether it is F-sharp or F-natural.

This upbeat rock song requires a pretty strong left hand, especially the thumb and pinky. For example, the opening bass line uses mostly thumb and pinky.

Measures 5-12 is probably the easiest section of the song. Pay attention to the rests in the left hand. Remember, rests are just as important as notes because they give the music space and anticipation.

Look at the right hand in measures 25-32. As you play this part, give more emphasis to the higher notes because they move up and down. The lower notes of the right hand just stay on D the whole time so you don’t need to play them as loudly.

Measures 33-40 is the hardest section of this song. Eventually, you want to be able to play very loudly with both hands. However, I recommend that you practice quietly at first so you can save your hand strength while you’re still learning the notes.

You only need to use the sustain pedal for sections like measure 33-40. The other sections are optional and it really depends on what you think sounds best.