Tequila And A Grudge

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Both hands are in treble clef for the beginning of this song. That’s no big deal for the right hand because it is usually in treble clef. It’s the left hand that we need to pay special attention to because usually that hand is written in bass clef.

The left hand switches to bass clef at measure 9 when the main riff of the song is introduced. It’s a simple riff with alternating chords in both hands.

Measure 39-45 is kind of fun because the left hand is in octaves and the right hand fills in the gaps with E’s. Measure 47-53 is similar, but the right hand is up and octave and the left hand has some extra notes between the octaves.

Pay attention to the accent marks in measures 63-78. The accent marks indicate which notes should be emphasized and will help you play this section with the correct rhythmic feel.

When I was composing this song, I accidentally left an empty bar at measure 79. But, when I was listening to the playback, I liked this empty bar so much that I left it in.