New Day In The City

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This song is in the key of G-major with one sharp in the key signature. However, there are a lot of F-naturals in this song as well because of accidentals.

The verse of this song (measures 6-20) is pretty easy. The left hand has a syncopated accompaniment pattern. This syncopation gives this song a little attitude, a little swagger. The right hand has a single note melody line with mostly eighth notes and sixteenth notes.

The chorus of this song (measures 21-33) is a more challenging. The right hand, in addition to the top note melody, uses chord tones to fill out the sound. The left hand changes to a slightly different accompaniment pattern.

The chorus should be louder than the verse, and should have a bit more punch to it. Pay attention to the staccato notes in the chorus. They indicate which notes should be played short.