Until We Meet Again

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I was actually working on another song when this one popped into my head. There are lots of accidentals in this song which make for wonderful chromatic chord progressions.

Both hands are very close to each other starting at measure 5. The right hand has a single note melody and the left hand plays two note chords directly underneath it.

The right hand stays the same at measure 13 and the left hand changes to a very popular accompaniment pattern called an alberti bass.

The section starting at measure 21 brings a new feeling to the song. We actually move the to key of B-flat with a new melody and texture. The left hand has a half note bass line as well as chord tones on the off beats.

Measure 29-34 is probably the hardest section. You still have the alberti bass in the left hand, but the right hand also fills in with chord tones underneath the melody.