Make It Alright

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This song is in the key of E-flat major with three flats in the key signature: Bb, Eb, and Ab.

The main melody is introduced in measure 8 with a single note bass line in the left hand. Notice the small grace note in the right hand in measure 8. This melody is repeated in measure 16-23 with a fuller harmony.

The dynamic at measure 24 should be louder with a bit more punch. Try to accent the second beat of each measure on the staccato chords. Measure 30-31 uses the same melody as measure 5-6, but with different chords underneath.

Measure 33-39 is the most difficult part of the song. The right hand has a fast, arpeggiated pattern while the left hand plays a heavy accompaniment. As always, practice each hand separately at a very slow speed and then gradually combine them. For this section, reset the pedal whenever the left hand changes chords.

Back to the main melody at measure 40 with a few variations. The song ends with a short tag of descending chords. Starting around measure 47, you should start to gradually slow the song down and play softer.