What Happened to ClassPiano?

In February 2010, I started this website to teach people how to play popular songs on the piano.

Two years later, classpiano.com was averaging 14,000 visits a day with a total of 31 million YouTube views.

In April 2012, I received a letter from a copyright lawyer demanding that the song tutorials be removed.


When I was in college, music was all I knew
I had some great ambitions of all the things that I would do
I wanted to help piano students learn their favorite songs
So I started up a website, classpiano.com

The site grew very quickly as people learned to play
The numbers kept on climbing, 14 thousand visits every day
With 31 million YouTube views that’s a pretty big piano class
And a lot of happy piano students, but it wouldn’t last

Because a lawyer wrote me looking for a fight
His letter spoke of violating copyright
And he demanded that the pop songs be removed
So what could I do?

We had learned so much, yes we had come so far
I tried teaching my own songs, but they could not compare to Bruno Mars
And then something fantastic happened when everything seemed wrong
Someone offered me a job, but that’s another song